Bostik AP 250 Flexibond

Primer and flexible admixture for tile adhesives and grouts.
Bostik AP 250 Flexibond product image
Product Overview

Bostik AP 250 Flexibond is an acrylic dispersion polymer for use as a flexible admixture with cement based tile adhesives and floor grouts. It can further be used as a primer/sealer for paste tile adhesives and floor underlayment screeds.

  • Improves flexibility shear modulus and tensile strength giving greater resistance to minor movements and vibration
  • Cement pores are part filled with the polymer, reducing the permeability and therfore reducing any damage by liquid transfer
  • Adhesion is enhanced when fixing to non porous substrates and tiles
  • Improves the deformability of C2 adhesives to meet the requirements of class S1 according to EN12002

Acrylic dispersion polymer


White Liquid