Bostik Laybond Carpet Tile Tackifier

Acrylic tackifier adhesive for carpet tiles
Bostik Laybond Carpet Tile Tackifier product image
Product Overview

Bostik Laybond Carpet Tile Tackifier is a solvent free non-staining polymer dispersion adhesive, designed to provide a permanently tacky film when dry. This normally facilitates removal and replacement of carpet tiles without applicaton of further adhesive.


Suitable for bonding carpet tiles backed with PVC, polypropylene and bitumen with fibre backing. Can also be used for bonding areas with raised access floor panels, concrete, cementitious screeds, asphalt, terrazzo, chipboard, hardboard, plywood, smoothing compounds and existing floor coverings. And where there are underfloor heating installations (surface floor temperature must not exceed 27 degrees Celsius.

Approximate Coverage

Up to 210m2 per 20kg, Roller applied

Sizes Available

5kg, 20kg - Oblong bucket, 25kg