30-90 Vapo-Seal Coating

30-90 Vapo-Seal Coating product image
Your Smart Advantages
  • Fire rated
  • Provides durable and flexible water based finish
  • Internal use
Product Overview

Bostik 30-90 Vapo-Seal Coating is a high quality, acrylic emulsion coating. The coating is ideal for applications in the thermal insulation industry to seal internal insulated piping, equipment and air conditioning ducting. The coating can be used on faced or unfaced insulation in two coat applications to sandwich reinforcing membranes such as glass cloth scrim. Bostik 30-90 Vapo-Seal Coating provides a suitable water barrier for HVAC applications. In areas of prolonged high humidity, e.g. external applications or where the insulated system contains chilled water, refrigerant etc. a true water vapour barrier is recommended such as Bostik ET-150 Sprayable Vapour Barrier Coating, Bostik 30-150 Brushable Vapour Barrier Coating or Bostik 30-316 Aquashield Vapour Barrier Coating. The dried film is washable and resistant to mould and insect attack.

  • UL Classified (see complete marking on product)

  • Independently tested to BS 476:
  • Part 6 - Pass
  • Part 7 - Class 1
  • Building Regulations: Class 0



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