Bostik gecko: set to stick around for a while

February 25 2014

The world is seeing a lot more of Bostik’s gecko, including millions who travel on one of the busiest highways in Europe. Over 2 million passengers per day will pass a giant gecko clinging to the side of a nine-storey building. Bostik, the smart adhesive company, launched a “can’t miss it” ad on the Paris ring road en route to the airport.

 The advertisement, which measures 12.6 x 19.5 meters, features the Bostik gecko, an animal selected for the company’s new brand positioning because of its remarkable bonding abilities which allow it to cling to and run up almost any surface.

The attention-grabbing ad features the gecko from Bostik’s logo with a headline that boldly states, “Sticks everything, everywhere!"

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