EVO-STIK launches white floor and wall tile adhesive

April 25 2016

EVO-STIK has launched a new, white floor and wall tile adhesive, ideal for use with ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles with no risk of show through.

Setting in as little as two hours, the cement-based adhesive can be used to fix tiles to a range of materials including wood, concrete and plaster.

Suitable for internal and external use the new adhesive is S1 rated, meaning it offers enhanced flexibility and making it ideal for use with under-floor heating and other applications where there may be some movement and vibration.

Commenting on the launch, Katharine Egerton, Product Manager at EVO-STIK said: “We’re seeing a growing market trend for the use of porous tiles such as porcelain and natural stone, both in the home and in commercial premises.

"Porous tiles tend to suffer from show through and, as a result, using a grey adhesive can cause tiles to look murky or dirty. This issue is made worse if the tile is light coloured.

“In addition, when using a light coloured tile a customer will nearly always opt for a similar coloured grout. By using a white adhesive there’s no risk of ruining the colour of the grout or the tiled area in general.

“As it sets within two hours the new adhesive is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where quick setting is essential.”

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